Solodko Bakery

Ukrainian Pirozhki (traditional buns) with Blueberry filling

Ukrainian Pirozhki (traditional buns) with Blueberry filling

Solodko (Ukrainian – sweet) Bakery specializes in Ukrainian, Polish and other Slavic sweets and baked products.

Company owners Irina and Sergiy came to British Columbia in 2012 from Kyiv, Ukraine. Baking has always been Irina’s passion and slowly became her profession.

Solodko want to popularize Ukrainian culture and cuisine in Western Canada. Solodko is fully licensed business, operating from a food safe commercial kitchen. They use only natural ingredients to make their authentic goodies like:

  • Pirozhki – traditional sweet buns with Blueberry, Apple and Cherry.
  • Makovik – sweet buns with Poppy seeds
  • Lviv Syrnik – sweet casserole. Made from ricotta, sugar and eggs. Gluten Free!
  • Pletenka – roll with raisins & cinnamon
  • Kyiv Kompot – sweet beverage made from fruits and berries

And more products to come!:)

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