Plants Only


Plants Only is owned and operated by Laura Anderson, who has been involved in the greenhouse business for over 20 years. Everything they produce is grown locally, right in Abbotsford on their organic farm. They grow many varieties of edibles including lettuces, greens and herbs, tomatoes, and many heritage and heirloom brands. Because they’re able to sell PROVEN WINNERS a #1 plant brand, they are able to provide many different displays of beautiful plant pots and hanging baskets. Plants Only also carry a large variety of herbs which can be purchased individually or they can make up some fantastic basket arrangements using different varieties. An example of this is their BBQ herb basket. These baskets are great to have in your own back yard or for gift giving.
A few of the items they grow are full color plants such as Senetti’s, proven winner 12 inch swirl hanging baskets, larger moss baskets, succulents in displays for your table tops or in a 2X12 inch handmade box for patio displays. This is just a pittance of what they have to offer. “WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE.”
Plants Only is an organic, natural farm where they not only have their greenhouses but raise hogs, chickens, turkeys and ducks, so they’re  also able to provide you with the highest standards of poultry, eggs, and pork. They take immense pride in everything they do and they can be proud to say–“FROM OUR FARM TO YOUR TABLE.”


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