Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery

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Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery is unique in its product. While they produce gluten free baked goods in a gluten free facility, their product is also 100% vegetarian. Their specialty bakery can cater to the strictly vegan diet as well the sugar free diet. They can customize to almost any dietary restriction and there isn’t a challenge Marie’s haven’t met yet.

The creativity used in Marie’s recipes was born basically out of necessity. She was raised in a large vegetarian family and being one of the older siblings, found herself as the designated baker. At a young age she experimented with egg free baking. Marie was called to task a few years ago as members of her family were diagnosed with celiac disease. Marie was also going through a few health concerns of her own.

Armed with her KitchenAid Mixer and an array of different flours, Marie started experimenting with GF (gluten free) baking. Response from family and friends was wonderful and demand started to grow so here she is today. She’s expanded from doing just cookies and sweet treats, to bread and bagels. Marie thanks everyone for their support and allowing her to continue doing what she truly loves.

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