Little Qualicum Cheeseworks

Brie from Little  Qualicum Cheeseworks

Brie from Little
Qualicum Cheeseworks

In January 1999, Clarke and Nancy Gourlay with their 3 boys returned from Switzerland where they had been living for several years.

Inspired by the magnificent Swiss cheeses, they set out to learn and practice the ancient and noble art of cheese making. The cool moist climate in the shadow of Vancouver Island’s Mt. Arrowsmith proved to be ideal for the ripening of washed-rind cheeses, and Little Qualicum Cheeseworks found a home.

“We began milking cows and making cheese in 2001. Three years later we moved to beautiful Morningstar Farm and have opened our farm and animals to the public.

Today we are milking a small mixed herd of Holstein, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, and Canadienne dairy cows. Based on the European model, we use only the best quality milk for cheese making. Our cheese is made from our own milk, right here on the farm. And ask our cows if they are happy. We were the first dairy farm in British Columbia to be certified by the SPCA.”

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Come to Steveston Farmer’s market and visit @LQCheeseworks for samples of their artisan cheeses produced from their own heritage dairy farm on Vancouver Island – & don’t forget to pick up your “Curdtesy Card” to earn free cheese!