Lina Cutnam

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Creating is the essence of my life. I have found high value in the focus, patience and dexterous control involved in manipulating physical materials.  The passion for my designs comes from my heart and soul. The beauty that surrounds me in nature and the environment inspires me.  I have been creating since I was a very young child.

Each creation starts with a vision, an idea or a dream. I like to experiment with techniques (for example pyrography and sculpture) using leathers and other materials. I use a variety of natural fibers, new and some interesting recycled goods such as stones and shells along with a number of media and techniques. Expressing myself through embroidery and crochet allows me to explore the diverse characteristics of textiles because it adds a feminine and personal touch as well as my own signature.

My favorite tools are pyrography pens, crochet hooks, needles, leather tools and scissors as they bring the best out of me and are essential in achieving my creations. I am an experienced, self-directed artist, specializing in the exploration of fabric through dyeing, sewing, beading, felting and crochet. Rich colors serve to create a sophisticated and happy look, while natural earthy tones evoke peace of mind.

I create a collection that is rich in combinations and contrasts for people like myself who pay attention to details and choose originality over the usual mass produced items. I get great satisfaction when my creations affect your life in a positive way.

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