Glenwood Valley Farms

image003 Glenwood Valley Farm #2

Glenwood Valley Farms Ltd. was started by the Schlacht Family in 1987 in rural Langley, BC. It has grown to a 21 acre under glass greenhouse operation that grows, long English cucumbers, mini cukes, mini peppers. red Romero peppers, eggplants and hot peppers.

With the amount of product that is grown in the 11 months growing season there is always cull product, such as a little off shaped peppers, to long or too short cucumbers. Not everything is perfect. With the imperfects, Bernice came into the picture and was hired by Glenwood in 2007 to do something with this abundance of edible put not sellable produce. With her own experience through years of farming and processing, Bernice was put to work at Glenwood.

Together, Bernice and Glenwood Farm has created many types of pickles, sauces and jellies utilizing the culls, and have created a whole new business within a business.

Also growing on her own farm of 20 acres, Bernice grows the beans, pickling cukes, berries, beets etc. that goes into mix of what is produced at Glenwood. Creating from a Health Permitted Kitchen, everything is produced with the help of a team of great staff. Bernice started selling at Markets at least 25 years ago and will continue to do so as long as she is able.