Chef Enrick


Chef Enrick is a versatile and creative chef who has experimented and explored for more than a decade the multiple tendencies and joys of cooking. Born and raised in the beautiful province of Québec, he has been enjoying British Columbia’s west coast living since 2006, when he moved here to fulfill is appetite for learning and discovering new tendencies and flavors.

Stemming from a family of Chefs and trained under the best, Enrick has developed a personal approach in enhancing the natural flavors within is creations while preserving the integrity of each ingredients. “Each ingredient is used to maximize what it has to offer to a dish, that in the end, will become an edible piece of art.” Chef Enrick offers private chef services, caterings and customized nutritional and diet plans for people dealing with different types of health conditions or food sensitivities.

Chef Enrick is proud to locally produce the highest quality food. Because they give the same meticulous attention to each item of their handmade production, they guarantee amazing results. Their products are authentic, flavorful and unique. Chef Enrick wants their customers to experience true taste of those Canadian delicacies. All of their products are made using locally sourced ingredients, chemical free and sustainable.


“We thrive to offer the best in food production, fine dinning experience and nutrition. We also offer private Chef services and caterings. We are based in the heart of Vancouver. We also provides nutritional support for people with heart disease, kidney failure, food sensitivities of all kind and addictions.”

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